Recent Projects

Video Production Studio, Hickory Public Schools, 2022

The Hickory High School video production room serves as a space for students, teachers, and administrators to create high-quality photos and videos. Student-led production of video announcements as well as class projects are a highlight of this space.

Virtual School Tour, Hickory Public Schools, 2021

In 2021, a virtual school tour was built for visitors and prospective students. Now, parents can visit our school and many of its spaces without having to step foot on campus. While this was developed in part as a COVID-19 measure, it now serves as a tool for our middle school feeder programs during registration.

The Collaboratory, Hickory Public Schools, 2020

The Collaboratory serves as an innovative hub for teachers and students to collaborate on a variety of projects. This space has been used by faculty for PLC planning, by administration for master schedule building and instructionally for presentations, virtual meetings, STEM activities and group work.

Digital Book Study - Burke County Public Schools, 2018

Capstone Project Presentation
Canvas Book

International Collaboration - Burke County Public Schools, 2017

Mali Presentation
Mali Presentation